About Us

Who We Are

ClickersInn is a customer service provider which deals in various departments. We offer services in many IT solutions such as content writing, dispatching services, customer support team, graphic designing, video editing and designing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, photography, tutorial services and technical services. We have very talented and skilled personnel working for our organization, Who are committed to serve our Customers with full hard work, effort and dedication and are able to achieve multiple goals on time. We believe in excellence and satisfaction of our valuable Customers. Our organization has already gained notability and a good reputation in our working circle based on our excellence in customer services. ClickersInn is rapidly growing on an international level and we have been serving our clients primarily in the United States and the United Kingdom and Canada. We are determined on expanding our organization and become a globally renowned customer service provider.

Our Mission

ClickersInn aims to become the top firm in the market to excel in customer services with our multi-talented personnel dealing in various skills. We do not compromise on quality and our agenda is to become a globally recognized and renowned phenomenon with our quick response to our orders. “Number one” is the status we want to gain and we want renown and appreciation in the field of customer services and we want to serve our customers around the globe with our full potential and dedication.

Our Team

The most integral element of the success and reputation of ClickersInn is its hard working and talented. Our personnel are skilled and talented and we are proud to employ achievers and hard workers who have excelled in their respective fields including content writing, graphic designing, sales, social media marketing, video editing, video designing, data entry, teaching, interviews, dispatching, customer services and much more.

Customer’s Satisfaction is our main success.

It is a generally accepted fact that a customer is the backbone of a business. If you want to judge the success or failure ratio of a business then you shall have a look at that organization’s customer feedback. A customer will tell you how the company works and how the company entertains its Clients. ClickersInn has always accepted customer feedbacks and we are always keen on adapting to our customer’s demands and revolutionizing our business with our latest technology. You can judge the company by its customer service and we have put forth maximum efforts to improve our Customer services to our full potential and we have almost succeeded in doing so and we aim on achieving that goal with the passage of time. It is the positive feedback of the customer which has proven to be an energy for ClickersInn and we believe that it is our dedication to our customers which has enabled us to gain an overwhelming popularity and a great reputation in our marketing circle. We always want to make our customers happy so they keep coming back to us and refer others to us which is an embodiment of the growth of ClickersInn.

Other Stats About Us

ClickersInn staff has amassed an impressive statistics rate with the excellent workrate, dedication and smartness. Our staff has an overwhelming ratio of cooperative and quick Customer Support service as well as our availability of 24/7 has enabled us to entertain our Customers around the globe. We are available for you anytime you reach to us. Our staff has also been able to add impressive statistics of creativity in work and we are reliable to trust. We have also a good average of project management as our staff has the ability to undertake multiple tasks and complete tasks quickly with complete perfection and best quality. Just see our work and come to us. We have ongoing customers who have been coming back to us again and again due to our impressive staff which has always satisfied our valuable customers. We have already completed 565 projects and we have an average of 93% satisfied customers. We are already working on multiple projects currently and ClickersInn has also won numerous awards from various renowned committees.

  • 24/7 Support 98% 98%
  • Customer Satisfaction 90% 90%
  • Creativeness 85% 85%
  • Reliability 87% 87%
  • Project Management 93% 93%

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